The Rules


Welcome to The National Dish. I’m going to cook the national dish of every country listed on Wikipedia’s National Dish page. Because there are a lot of countries, and a lot of dishes, I’ll be using‘s number generator to help me choose a dish. If the dish chosen is too difficult to procure ingredients for within a week, I’ll make that dish within the month. If it’s still proving troublesome, I will reach out to a cook with a background in that area’s cuisineĀ for advice.

Some questions you might already be asking:

Why Wikipedia?

Well, it’s a standardized list. It may not be the most accurate list, and I’m sure your great aunt would like to argue with me over certain parts, but overall–it should work well.

What about huge countries?

Countries that are very large and have very specific regional cuisines, such as the United States and India, will be explored further than one blog post. It just makes sense!

Who are you?

A girl from a place next to New York City. A girl with big dreams.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I’m sure it’ll taste great–nations agree!